Blood on the Streets of Hell [Closed rp w/ surroundedbyhosts]

A cloudy day greeted storm-grey eyes, seemingly all was well in the city, except for one tiny detail. The streets were empty. The figure picked up the pace nervously, hands sliding into the pockets of a trench coat, wind beginning to strengthen, blowing her off the sidewalk.

She ducked into an alley, chest heaving as her heart thudded loudly, a thump-thump-thumping beat of fear. Her every breath came hard and fast, then she darted back out of the shadows, free—until she ran straight into the unyielding arms of two burly officers patrolling the under-curfew city.

She stumbled back, turning to escape, but was dragged back by her cloak—she screamed as it was ripped off of her, but was cur short as a steel-toed boot met her mouth, forcing her to her knees. Her glare was defiant as one wrenched her arms back and slammed iron cuffs about her wrists, the other snarling, “Open yer damn mouth again slut and I’ll kick yer ass. It’s afta curfew idiot. Yer gonna pay fer dis’beyin’ the law!”

She said nothing, but her head dropped as she was kicked again, curling into a ball around the pain in her gut. Hell, the redhead knew death was coming, knew better than to fight it. Nobody was going to risk their skin for a stranger like her.

Thursday, 6 of June, 2013