Reality Escaped -

Fortunately, instead of leaving immediately afterward as she had planned, Lady Asplund had been kept there by nature itself. Specifically, the rain now pouring and obscuring the view outside. She had been polite as usual, prepared to refuse any offer made to shelter her there. Until that is, Sebastian had forced her golden gaze upon the darkened window. The horse she had ridden to get to the manor was not the kind meant for this dull weather.

So without another word on the matter, she consented, relieved they would not put her out in the downpour.

Instead, she waited for it to ebb, which didn’t seem as if it would be anytime soon. She decided to play to calm her frayed nerves, and when she received no screaming warning against it, she continued, playing soft then loud, song flowing into song. As time progressed, her hair had been absent-mindedly pulled from its strict braid, left t flow down her back and nearly touch the floor below, her ankles crossed in the manner of the genteel taught. At last she reached her personal favorite, a piece entitled, “Reality Escaped.” She closed her eyes and simply let her fingers glide across the black and white keys, a soft smile upon her normally closed face.

Friday, 10 of May, 2013